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Teaching Series 

We have compiled lessons, seminars and talks from Messianic leaders, local elders and authors to share with fellow believers to develop our understanding of the Biblical Truth.


For now, we start with  Bro. Louwell's recorded messages delivered at Beth Shechinah, other audio materials maybe added as they become available. 

2015-10-03_Louwell Ogbinar _Sukkot_Rejoicing in the Torah
2017-01-07-Louwell-Ogbinar Vayigash
2017-01-28-Lois-Ogbinar Bat Mitzvah Message
2017-05-20_Louwell-Ogbinar- Gods-Faithfulness-and-His-Covenants
2017-08-12_Louwell_Ogbinar_ Eikev
2017-11-11_Louwell-Ogbinar Remembrance Day
2018-01-06_Louwell-Ogbinar Serving God
2018-04-14-Louwell-Ogbinar Shmini
2018_07_28_Louwell-Ogbinar Truly Listening To The Lord
2018-09-22-Louwell-Ogbinar Refreshing Rain
2018-11-17- Louwell-Ogbinar Vaetze And He Went Out
2019-05-11-Louwell-Ogbinar Secret of Holy Living
2019-09-14-Louwell-Ogbinar Remember to Remember
2019-09-21- Louwell-Ogbinar Walking in His Ways
2020-03-21-Louwell-Ogbinar Some Assembly Required
2021-01-09-Louwel_Ogbinar- Facing the Future With Confidence
2021-03-06_Eunice-Ogbinar- Bat Mitzvah-Message

For more recorded videos and teachings visit Calgary L'chaim Bible Fellowship on YouTube 

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