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Torah Articles

Below are few articles that may help you understand the first century teachings of Yeshua and His disciples in general. The Calgary L'chaim Bible Fellowship does not necessarily agree with all the content found on the websites from which these articles are derived. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions in mind.

Purim the Feast of Lots
by J. Parsons :
Chronology of the Passion Week 
by Tim Hegg:
The Lamb of God
by Roger Walkwitz :
A Sample Haggadah for Pesach
by Roger Walkwitz:
Pentecost - The Festival of Shavout
by John Parsons :
Acts 10 : 9-20
by Ariel Berkowitz : from his book entitled " Take Hold"
Acts 15 and The Jerusalem Council
by Tim Hegg :
Acts 15 : 19-29 
by Reuel Dillon 
Hanukkah Guide
by Lamed Vav House 
On The Issue of Speaking in Tongues 
by Tim Hegg of 
All About Purim - A step by step Messianic Home guide
by Lamed Vav Lamed UMJA Publishing House
Passover For Gentiles?
by Roger Walkwitz :
...great stuff coming up...
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