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Welcome and Shalom!!! You are invited to join us at Calgary L'chaim Bible Fellowship for a great time of unique messianic fellowshipping (our Fellowship consists of Jewish and non-Jewish believers in Yeshua HaMashiach, (Jesus the Messiah) which draws from two great faith traditions, Judaism and Christianity.  Our services on Shabbat (Saturday) starts at 2 PM. We meet in our Ministry Centre at 7640 Fairmount Dr. SE (we recommend that you call or text us first before coming so we can be sure of your accommodation and can help you how to reach the Centre from any direction that you are coming from). Oneg (table fellowship and kiddush) is at 12:45 PM. Our doors are open at 12:00 PM for early fellowshipping. 

Services begin with a time of liturgy and worship. This is followed by a time of teaching from the Scriptures. We believe that the Bible is the reliable source for doctrine. We promote a Torah pursuant messianic lifestyle for Bible believers who have been grafted into the good Olive Tree of Romans 11:17-24.

We conclude our services with the Aaronic Benediction and a time of prayer and more fellowshipping.


If you are a believer in Yeshua, you will find yourself welcomed and appreciated!!!


For more information, please send us a message by e-mail, call or text.

Sign Language Interpreter available upon request.


The following are voluntary as the Holy Spirit convicts your heart.

If you are not comfortable with the following practices: our Congregation may not be a fit for you.

Information concerning these subjects will be made available upon request:

​~ We encourage modesty and acceptable deportment of dress and suit in the Shul. 

~ Head Coverings - Men may wear a kippah, women may wear a scarf or a sheitel.

~ Tallit - Men wear over the shoulders and cover the head at holy intimate moments with the Lord.

    All men are welcome to put on a tallit and a kippah at the beginning of service.

~ Tzitzit - or Fringes at the four corners of a garment with a blue thread (Hem of the garment) Deut. 22:12 & Matt. 9:21 are 


~ Standing - During the Shema (Deut. 6:4), Prayers (including Amidah and others) praise times and reading of the Word 


~ The Name of God- we use several titles and names of God according to context. 

~ Torah Procession - Congregants may touch the Scroll with their Bibles on hand and touch it to their hearts in respect to 

    the Word of God.

~ All things are to be done decently and in order.  We follow the common Calendar in observing the Moedim. 

~ Please also know that we do not practice tongues, healing services and "manifestations of the Spirit."

~ If you have something important to share, please check with one of the Elders first or e-mail

~ Please read our Messianic Articles and Resources for further information.

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